European Paediatric Orthopaedic Society

3rd Series of EPOS Webinar (2022-2023)


The registration for each webinar will open approximately 2 weeks’ prior the live event and the registration link is found on this webpage. If you need any further information or would like to be included in the EPOS Webinar mailing list, please do not hesitate to email


February 2023

Title: Controversies in pediatric upper limb trauma
Date and time: Tuesday 7th of February at 18h00 CET
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Scientific Programme:
 Moderators : 
 Melinda Witbreuk, The Netherlands
 Nicolas Lutz, Switzerland

   1.Proximal and diaphysis humerus

  • Conservative management by Prof Virginie RAMPAL, France
  • Surgical management by Dr Dorien SCHNEIDMUELLER, Germany

    2.Distal radius

  • Conservative management, Dr Kyle JAMES, United Kingdom
  • Surgical management by Dr Joost COLARIS, The Netherlands

    3.Q&A discussion


October 2022: Webinar II

Title: COEC-EPOS Co-branded Seminar on Ankle Deformity
Date and time: Thursday 3rd of November 2022 at 8h00-11h00 CET

Replay link:

October 2022: Webinar I

Title: Current standards of conservative treatment for scoliosis
Date and time: Wednesday 26th of October at 18h00 CET

Chair: René Castelein:

  • Growth prediction with regards to scoliosis (Risser, Sanders, thoracic height…) by René Castelein, The Netherlands
  • Different types of braces, night time or full time? by David Farrington, Spain
  • Current evidence of bracing (age, when to wean it, how long/how many hours, BrAISt study) by Ilkka Helenius, Finland
  • Evidence for physiotherapy (Schroth etc.) by Manuel Rigo, Spain
  • Conclusion, take home messages and Q and A by René Castelein, The Netherlands

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September 2022
Title: How to write a winner paper?

Scientific Programme:

Welcome by Ignacio Sanpera

 Geographical considerations
 Moderator : Ilkka Helenius

  • EPOS perspective by Andreas Roposch
  •  POSNA perspective by Michael Millis
  • The far side by Peter Cundy 
  • Discussion

Personal considerations
Moderator: David M. Farrington

  • How to hit the jackpot by Federico Canavese
  • Don’t give up by Cristina Alves
  • I think it’s a winner by Franck Accadbled
  • Discussion

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August 2022
Title: Current Standards in DDH Screening

Scientific Programme:

Moderator: Renata Pospischill  (Austria) and Hakan Omeroglu (Turkey)

  • Hip Sonography accrording to Graf 2022 – Standards, Techniques, Protocols by Renata Pospischill, Austria
  • US examination. When the best timing to screen newborns for DDH? by De Pellegrin Maurizio, Italy
  • Graf classification Type 2A: hip immaturity or early onset? by Blazej Pruszczynski, Poland
  • Graf classification Type 2A: to treat or not to treat? by Bettina Westhoff, Germany
  • Turkey – nationwide results of a general screening by Hakan Omeroglu,Turkey
  • Clinical, selective or general screening? What is the best? by Renata Pospischill, Austria
  • Discussion

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In a cooperation with the Industry sponsors, EPOS offer also another type of e-sessions focusing on technical issues of the pediatric orthopedic practice and live discussions of educational clinical cases.

To following EPOS industry webinars have so far been planned:

June 2022
Title: A case-based webinar on proximal femoral osteotomies supported by OrthoPediatrics

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Scientific Programme:
- Uniplanar proximal femoral osteotomies:    

  • Varus by Thomas Wirth
  • Valgus by Thomas Dreher
  • Discussion

- Multiplanar proximal femoral osteotomies in CP including discussion by Thomas Dreher
- Individualised complex proximal femoral osteotomies i.e. flexion –valgus or extension-varus osteotomy including discussion by Thomas Wirth


December 2022

Title: EPOS Industry-sponsored Webinar: Rare Bone Diseases: what are we missing during diagnosis? New reality check for Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP) supported by Ipsen, Sustaining Partner

Online Replay / Webinar webcast: 
EPOS YouTube channel:
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Scientific Programme:
- Introduction
- Ossification and calcification: angels and demons (why pediatric orthopedic surgeon should remember the basics) by Vladimir Kenis
- Regulation of physiological ossification and fundamental issues of it’s genetic disorders by Peter Kannu
- Clinical and radiological diagnostics of FOP by Vladimir Kenis
- Current trends in medical treatment of FOP by Peter Kannu
- Q&A/discussion