European Paediatric Orthopaedic Society

2023 Research Grants

EPOS is delighted to announce that the following study projects have been accepted in the 2023 EPOS Research Grants:

€ 10’000 Grantees

Sophie Moerman, The Netherlands: Evaluation of feasibility and clinical validity of biofeedback gait training on the GRAIL in clubfoot patients, over 4 years of age, with a mild relapse. – a pilot study 

María Galán Olleros, Spain: Guided Growth in Spastic Hip Multicentre Study. GGSH-MC Study

€ 5’000 Grantees

Björn Vogt, Germany: A prospective comparison of postoperative pain and mobilisation after implantation of FlexTacksTM or eight-PlatesTM for guided growth of Genu valgum and Genu varum 

Muharrem Inan, Turkey: Telescopic plate: A novel plate design 

Sharon Eylon, Israel: Children’s rehabilitation during limb lengthening with external fixator vs. magnetic lengthening nail