European Paediatric Orthopaedic Society

EPOS Study Groups

EPOS Study Groups

The EPOS members who are willing to contribute to the works of the study groups please contact with the chair of the study group(s) that you would like to join.

EPOS Genetics and Metabolic Group Joachim HORN, Norway Chair
EPOS Spine Group Brice ILHARREBORDE, France Chair
EPOS Upper Limb Group Nunzio CATENA, Italy Chair
EPOS Lower Limb Group Christof RADLER, Austria Chair
EPOS Neuromuscular Group Thomas DREHER Switzerland Chair
EPOS Musculoskeletal Tumors,
Infections & Arthritis Group
Bartu SARISOZEN, Turkey &
Michiel van de SANDE, The Netherlands
EPOS Sports Group Marco TURATI, Italy Chair
EPOS Trauma Group Melinda WITBREUK, The Netherlands &
Nicolas LUTZ, Switzerland

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